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Home Remedies For Snoring

We list a number of home remedies for snoring, no matter how bad you snore.

Interestingly, there are several different levels of snoring. For instance, someone might snore only slightly, which is more of an annoyance than anything else is but then there are the serious snorers, the people who not just make noise but also have trouble breathing. You will also find that among snorers, studies show that men typically snore more than women do although some women are hard snorers as well. Even so, the current numbers stress that while only 51% of women snore, as much as 71% to 75% of men snore.

The light to moderate snorer is the person that snores every night but usually only while in a certain position such as lying flat on the back or perhaps when in the deep state of sleep. While a snoring partner does not bother everyone, most people find they cannot sleep. What happens is that the tissue in the upper airway located in the back of the throat relaxes when a person is sleeping. However, as the person breathes in, the tissue vibrates. The degree of the vibration would determine the severity of the snoring. While some people have to go to great extremes to get and keep snoring under control, you will also find a number of home remedies, a few listed below.

  • Weight Loss – Since the majority of people with severe snoring are middle aged and overweight, we recommend you start by losing weight. Even 10 to 30 pounds will make a significant difference.
  • Alcohol Consumption – Drinking alcohol can also increase the frequency and intensity of snoring. Therefore, while you could enjoy a cocktail early in the evening, most experts agree that alcohol consumption prior to bed should be avoided.
  • Sleeping Aids – Additionally, most sleeping pills work by relaxing neck and throat tissues. When this happens, the snoring can be much worse.
  • Smoking – Cigarette smoking has also been studied in relation to snoring with results showing they increase the problem.
  • Sleeping Position – Snoring has long been linked to people who sleep on their back so change position to the stomach or side.
  • Pillows – Interestingly, pillows make snoring worse. Although most people love soft, comfortable pillows, try doing without.
  • Head and Torso Position – Another way to decrease snoring is by elevating the upper part of your body, in addition to your head.
  • Allergies – Finally, many people who suffer from allergies also have problems with snoring. In this case, keeping the allergy symptoms under control may also help with the loud snoring.

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