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Ways To Stop Snoring

There are many ways to stop snoring, some more effective than others.

Do you awaken only to feel exhausted? Does your bed partner complain that he or she is not sleeping or simply move to another bedroom? If so, then now is the time to do something about your snoring. Keep in mind that approximately 40% of the United State’s population has a problem with snoring to one degree or another so you are certainly not alone. The good news is that you have a number of options when it comes to stop snoring, as we will address in this article.

Of course, you could visit with your doctor to talk about surgery but if you want to choose a natural approach, you have many options there too. One option is using a new anti-snoring product known as the “Sleep Genie”. With this, the device is made to fit comfortably on a person’s mouth, keeping the jaw tilted and the mouth closed. Since many people snore as the mouth opens during the sleep process, the “Sleep Genie” eliminates the cause, thus the snoring stops.

You will also discover special anti-snore pillows. With this, you have several options that work well. For example, you might choose a pillow that keeps a person on his or her side. Typically, people snore more while on the back so if the individual is on the side, again, the snoring stops. In addition, there are pillows that help elevate the head and shoulders, again opening the airway so the person breathes easier and snores less.

Then, if you are carrying around excess weight, you want to do what you can to drop it. Even a few pounds can have a substantial impact on a person’s snoring problem. In fact, weight loss is such an effective way to stop the snoring that many specialists will start there when trying to find solutions. By switching to a healthy, well balanced diet and incorporating about 30 minutes of exercise into your daily regimen, you will lose weight. The result will be a much better night’s rest and your loved companion staying in bed.

Other possible options for helping you with your snoring problem would be to use over-the-counter nasal strips or sprays. These products are also excellent for keeping the breathing passages open to help with breathing. You might also consider not smoking or drinking hours before bedtime, which has also been shown to help with snoring. Remember that 99% of all people with a snoring problem breathe through the mouth during the night. Therefore, one of the best ways to stop snoring is to use an anti-snoring product that keeps the mouth closed.

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