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Can a pillow reduce snoring?

Absolutely – while you could use an ordinary pillow, you will also discover that anti- or no snore pillows make a huge difference

As you will discover in this article, in addition to helping with the snoring problems these special pillows do much more. The result is a better night’s sleep, which means reduced, or no snoring, feeling invigorated the next morning, and waking with fewer aches and pains of the upper body.

For starters, many allergy sufferers are also snorers. Therefore, by switching out your old pillow and going with an allergy-free pillow, you will have fewer problems with both allergies and snoring. You see, bedtime allergies are microscopic particles and bacteria. As you sleep, you breathe these particles in, which ultimately trigger reactions. To fix the problem, you have two options. First, you could purchase the no-allergy pillow or make sure you wash your bedding at least once a week.

Obviously, when people cannot breathe right, they open the mouth to get more air. When this happens, snoring becomes a serious problem. Many times, the problem with breathing through the mouth is directly related to allergies, as well as poor support for the neck and head and sinus drainage. A great solution to help with all of these issues along with the snoring is a pillow designed to realign the body. These pillows get you off your back and onto your left or right side. In addition, these pillows provide proper support and alignment of the neck and head, thus keeping the mouth closed so you have a restful night without snoring.

Now, if you want to use your own pillow, you can. For this, you would need to force yourself into sleeping on the side for at least 15 minutes. If you find that you cannot fall asleep, get out of bed, walk around for five minutes or less, and then lie down again on your side. The purpose of this exercise is to retrain the body to sleep on the side instead of the back. By changing position, you will sleep much better and snore less in other words reduce snoring.

Finally, an anti-snore pillow helps with both wet and dry snoring. For instance, a person with wet snoring struggles with sinus drainage that has become blocked. With this, the sinus builds up in the throat so when you breathe out, you hear a gurgling type of snoring. With dry snoring, the air passage is blocked by the tongue. However, if you have excessive weight, the obstruction could be caused by fatty tissue.

In many cases, smoking or consuming alcohol prior to bed will make the snoring worse by blocking the airway further. Using an anti-snore pillow works in both cases by keeping the neck properly aligned so the lower jaw is moved forward. When this happens, the tongue also moves forward and out of the way allowing better breathing and no snoring.

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