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Why Do I need laser surgery for snoring?

In many cases, laser surgery for snoring is beneficial, helping a person sleep better while reducing or eliminating the problem of snoring. The good news is that advances in technology have made surgery easier, more convenient, and safer. Some people who have trouble with snoring find that over-the-counter nasal sprays, drops, and strips help. However, for serious snoring problems, surgery may be needed. You will find that snoring can be corrected with a number of different surgical procedures. Regardless of the option the doctor and you decide on, the goal is go widen the air passage, specifically where the throat and mouth meet. What happens with snoring is that excessive [...]

Can a pillow reduce snoring?

Absolutely – while you could use an ordinary pillow, you will also discover that anti- or no snore pillows make a huge difference As you will discover in this article, in addition to helping with the snoring problems these special pillows do much more. The result is a better night’s sleep, which means reduced, or no snoring, feeling invigorated the next morning, and waking with fewer aches and pains of the upper body. For starters, many allergy sufferers are also snorers. Therefore, by switching out your old pillow and going with an allergy-free pillow, you will have fewer problems with both allergies and snoring. You see, bedtime allergies are microscopic [...]